Since early 90’s, as a result of intense cell culture studies carried out in the research and development laboratories of Frauhofer Group in Stuttgart, ‘Cartilage Regeneration System’ (CaReS) was invented.

In 1999, Ars Arthro GmbH has joined this group and took the patent rights of the product. In 2005, by the technology transfer aggrement built up with Ars Arthro GmbH, Ars Arthro Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established under the leadership of several orthopaedists, in Turkey.

At the end of 2005, Ars Arthro GmbH has associated with a British company, ELK, and become Arthro Kinetics Plc. In 2007, Ars Arthro Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has become Ars Arthro Biotechnology Inc.

Other than the production and application of CaReS – Cartilage Regeneration System – , Ars Arthro Biotechnology Inc. has been carrying on its activities on research and development in tissue and organ engineering field.