Fibrocell is a natural treatment method which is produced with patient’s own cells.

Nowadays face wrinkles which appear with age is a common problem for both men and women. The reason of this skin problem is the decrease in water, collagen and elastin in skin. This problem can now be treated by means of tissue engineering. Cell-based therapies are used in many fields and good results are obtained. Especially fibroblast cell therapy used in dermatology and reconstructive medicine is successful. Fibroblast cell therapy can be used in plastic surgery, healing of wrinkles, burns and wounds.

Application of Fibrocell:

  • A tissue biopsy is taken with a punch from the back of the ear or the inner side of the arm. The process is painless because the area is locally anesthetized before.
  • The biopsy is sent to the laboratory in aseptic conditions and production starts.
  • After production Fibrocell is applied to the desired area by injection.
  • Fibrocell is produced by a method approved by FDA.

Please contact the operator doctors for detailed information.