CaReS: For The Patients

CaReS® is a new discovery on the cartilage defects, that fixes the function and movement of the patient with autologous cell based regenerative treatment.

. Cartilage yanağı should be present.
. The cartilage tissiue around the defect should be healthy.
. Appropriate working joint surface (According to Outerbridge class, maximum 2nd degree defect)
. At most two defects.
. Meniscus should be without defects (1/3 partial rezeksiyon is acceptable.)
. Appropriate leg axis.
. There shouldn’t be any lesions in the bonds.
. Patella should be proparly laid . Free joint movement.
. Biological age should be ≤ 50.

. Joint toughness, Arthrofibrosis, Patellar malaligment (Fixation could be done at the same operation.)
. Bond and Meniscus defects (Fixation could be done at the same operation.)
. Leg axis defects (> 5°) (Before transplantation corrective ostheotomy may be done.)
. Inflammation situations
. Ostheoarthrosis
. Infections : HIV – Hepatitis A, B, C – Syphilis

. Diabetes
. Rheumatism
. Autoimmune disease